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Automated Valuation Model

Transcations Data Analytics
Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence
Big Data & Analytics
Public trust – providing confidence for the stakeholders
Broad applicability
Based on statistically sufficient information
Certification and quality assurance

A mathematically based computer software program that market analysts use to produce an estimate of market value based on market analysis of location, market conditions, and real estate characteristics from information that was previously and separately collected. The distinguishing feature of an Automated Valuation Model (AVM) is that it is a market appraisal produced through mathematical modeling. Credibility of an AVM is dependent on the data used and the skills of the modeler producing the AVM. AVMs should be developed by appropriately qualified market analysts, e.g. appraisers/valuers, who use statistically-based applications to analyze data and select the best simulation of market activity for the analysis of location, market conditions, and property characteristics from previously collected data. Automated Valuation Models are designed to generate value estimates for properties at specified points in time (retrospective or prospective dates as required by client).


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