A lot of offices and businesses have recently made the decision to go green and transform into an eco-friendly environment. How far should workplaces go to be sustainable? if you are looking for better air quality and productive in your office space, then there are four important ideas that help you and your employee to increase creation and positive atmosphere.  

  • Sustainable office materials; By choosing recycled or repurposed materials, you are creating a solution for eco-friendly office space.
  • Green Wall; if it possibly creates some green walls in office spaces. For example, you can create walls are covered with plants and flowers which are grown with a hydroponics system.
  • Less Print more Digital; Motivate your employees and coworkers to print less paper. It is a small step towards solving a huge problem.
  • Meetpoint; Kitchens are one of the most used spaces in the office. The employees or coworkers come to kitchen for refreshment, eating or brainstorming. Mostly business ideas or model come from the kitchen. It is the first space to make a green world.
  • Air Quality; We spent min. 6-8 hours in office spaces or working places every day. That’s why the air quality in closed spaces very important. We need fresh and clean air. The question is: how? There are some Swiss PropTech companies to give you the answer, such a Oxygen at Work AG from Zurich.

At Oxygen at Work we help organizations improve the air quality in office spaces with digitized plant concepts. The team offer; office space analysis selection, provision and installation of the plants, plants maintenance (incl. watering & fertilization) continuous air quality monitoring quarterly reporting of indoor air quality and energy optimization.

Our Environment as a Service (EaaS) solution offers the opportunity to unite plants, scientific knowledge and the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI). With our all-inclusive service, Oxygen at Work constantly improves the air quality of your offices and ensures healthier and energy efficient office space with a range of over 100 plant species. Our work is based on numerous scientific studies and a self-learning algorithm. The result is a holistic ecosystem of building systems, plants and software that ensures optimal air quality in the workplace.

For many companies however, these are not feasible options, and perhaps nor are they options that are truly essential to be able to do your bit for the environment. But they can take small steps to turn the offices to eco-friendly spaces. The important players like a oxygen at work AG, which offers green office concepts, can help you to change your world.

Sources: Oxygen at Work AG, PropTech Switzerland