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The Smart Buildings are green buildings and therefore sustainable

Smart Building refers to an asset which runs efficiently through automated technology in its building systems. The network of physical devices embedded with sensors and connectivity, allowing the transmission and communication of data has come to be known as IoT. Applications range from smart home devices (e.g., smoke alarms, thermostats and fridges) to environmental monitoring (e.g., examining air and water quality) and has permeated the market to such an extent that forecasts suggest. 

The Internet of Things (IoT) allows objects to be measured (information provision) but also sensed and/or controlled remotely across the existing network infrastructure, creating opportunities to adjust or turn systems on or off remotely.

The idea behind smart city development is to improve the quality of urban life via monitoring and management enhanced by IoT, communication and information technology. There’s great potential for innovation here – Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are just a couple of those.


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