Smart Home SA

Smarthome ECOsystem insuffle au logement contemporain une gestion intelligente et responsable

En alliant confort d’utilisation et gestion durable de l’énergie, Smarthome ECOsystem s’impose comme la solution incontournable pour des foyers connectés.

Jadis synonyme de logements luxueux et d’installations complexes, la domotique est en pleine mutation.

Grâce à l’essor des objets connectés, aux progrès techniques et aux innovations dans le domaine de l’expérience utilisateur, elle entame un virage vers le grand public et s’impose comme un incontournable des habitats de demain.

E-NNO Switzerland SA

E-nno provides smart solutions to reduce co2 emissions and energy consumption up to 30% for existing buildings.

Optimisation – Development – Data – Consulting Tech

BMT Business meets Technology AG

Woonig – The digital property manager

The language barrier-free communication platform for all participants!

Woonig is a digital cloud platform for the property manager that perfects the communication between property manager, tenant and craftsman/service provider.


Professionelle Immobilienverwaltung mit einer neuen Software Generation

In optimaler Verbindung von Innovation, Technologie und fachlicher Expertise entwickelt die GARAIO REM AG durchdachte Business Software. Als führender Technologiepartner der Immobilienverwaltungen in der Schweiz steht für uns ein Ziel im Vordergrund: der Einsatz digitaler Lösungen soll unsere Kunden messbar erfolgreicher machen.

readydata AG

readydata bietet den ganzheitlichsten Service im Bereich der strukturierten Zustands- und Immobiliendatenerfassung.

  • Eine akkurate Renditeermittlung
  • Eine umfangreiche Portfolioauswertung
  • Eine genau Immobilienbewertung
  • Ein geführter Wohnungsübergabe- und Abnahmeprozess
  • Ein innovatives Schadenmanagement
  • Ein schlankes Mängelmanagement
  • Vollumfängliche strukturierte Bauabnahmen

PropTech Switzerland Map

PropTech Switzerland Map

PropTech companies are based in Switzerland

PropTech Switzerland Map includes all companies and startups in real estate industry in Switzerland and is published monthly. They are presented in nine categories; Marketplace, Investment, Property Management, Construction, Smart Buildings & IoT, Virtual Reality & 3D, Big Data Analytics, Valuation Model and Real Estate FinTech.

PropTechs are companies that develop and implement technology-based solutions for new and existing problems in the real estate and construction industries. They offer new products and initiate services for business processes in the entire real estate industry.

PropTech Switzerland Map is free. If you use it anywhere, please write the publisher and the link. No part of this publication can be used for commercial purposes or adapted/translated/modified without the prior permission of PropTech Switzerland. The list is updated weekly. If you are not listed, please mail to:

The Criteria’s of PropTech

  1. Using digital innovation to address the needs of the real estate industry,
  2. Developing the new methods for reducing bureaucracy between B2B and B2C,
  3. Developing the new products for sustainable properties,
  4. Developing the new solutions to reducing the energy consumption,
  5. Developing the artificial intelligence for market and place analysing,
  6. Innovative solutions for life quality in properties,
  7. Innovative business models to reducing cost of properties for tenants and landlords & buyers and sellers,
  8. Creating transparency with machine learning and artificial intelligence in real estate market.