PropTech Switzerland Innovation Index Q1 2020

We are going to publish quarterly innovation index for PropTech industry (English and German) every year. The Index contains interesting themes and statistics in real estate market. However national and international property technology experiences are presented with statistics.

The utility and benefit of digitization in real estate industry is very important for landlords, tenants, agencies and investors. They are human. That’s why all the themes are focused at first human and second position to technology. The digitization of industry is only a process for better living and working. As Founders, Entrepreneurs, Influencers, Scientists and Players we should concentrate on to the utility of digital transformation.

For the first quarter Index the following themes are discussed;

1. Are we digital or innovative?
2. Market Correction impacts on crowdfunding platforms
3. Analyse of Mortgage platforms
4. Platform as a service for property management
5. Are smart buildings sustainable?
6. Automated Valuation Models in Switzerland
7. Artificial Intelligence and Property Price
8. Tenant behaviors have a great impact on building performance
9. Tenants as Sensors for property management
10. The market gaps need innovation

11. Marktintervention für Mietpreise auf Bund ebenen
12. Neues Geschäftsfeld für Immobilienfonds: Crowdinvesting
13. Leertstandslösungen von Proptech Startups
14. Digital Operationen reduzieren die Kosten der Immobilien Management
15. Big Data ändert die Performance der Immobilien Portfolios
16. Hypothek Plattformen und den negativen Aspekten der Zinspolitik
17. Fair Behandlung der Kunden (Mieter/innen)
18. Digitalisierung heisst Nutzen
19. Digitalisierung der Handänderungsprozesses
20. Digitalisierung eines Immobilienfonds
21. Digitalisierung Due Diligence
22. Digitalisierung in der Instandhaltung

Naturally we are open for any suggestions and/or recommendations. We always want to learn if there is anything we could do better for our Ecosystem. Please do not hesitate share your idea with us:

PropTech Switzerland Team