PropTech 2020

First Swiss PropTech Book

What do you expect from this book?

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What can you expect from this book?

  1. There was not any detailed Research, Report or Book about the Swiss PropTech Ecosystem,
  2. To answer the question: „Who we are and what we are doing?“,
  3. Understanding of Property Technology as a Industry,
  4. Analysis of innovative Ideas,
  5.  be ready for tomorrow: what will happen at the Future?

Important: Do not forget! This book has written by a small team and with limited resources without sponsors. We say clearly: there are not 1.000 themes or detailed research of every company, categories or themes. However we have no interest for revenue from this book. 100% of the revenue will invest in Swiss PropTech Startups by the campaign: “ PayDay 2020″. Because their history was written.

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Swiss PropTech Startups
CHF 100
  • Buy book and support yourself
  • Know the others on market
  • Get new Ideas

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National and international clients
CHF 200
  • Know Swiss PropTech Companies
  • Learn History of PropTech in Switzerland
  • See Swiss Made innovations
  • Support the Campaign:" We pay your Bill"

Why are we selling this book?

We support the Swiss PropTech Startups with the revenue of book

The financing of campaign: "PayDay 2020"

We want to make working life of Swiss PropTech Startups easier.

The campaign will start in June 2020. It is aim to support Swiss PropTech Startups with many kind of possibilities. For example financing of: 

  • Team Lunchs/Dinners
  • Co-Working places
  • Tickets for Events
  • Motivation Baskets
  • Equipments
  • and more… anything what they need

It works easy and fast. The Startups send us bills and we pay it. So they can concentrate better on their work. 

PropTech Switzerland pay your Bill.

No Bill + No Stress

Buy and Support Swiss PropTech Startups

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