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We all this boom of matchmaking platform, more and more startups come up with the ideas of how to match a client with the house of his or her dreams.

Rental platforms link tenants and landlords through digital platforms or marketplaces. Tenants and landlords can, therefore, find each other easily, making a better and faster “match”, especially with the use of a matchmaking option.

Crowdfunding or collective financing also reached the real estate ecosystem. There are several platforms in Switzerland that allow small amounts to be invested in properties.

Coworking is a business services provision model that involves individuals working independently or collaboratively in shared office space.

The fixed fee – regardless of the value or final sale price of a property – is often lower than the commission real estate agents charge. Though in reality, disruption started over a decade ago with the migration of real estate advertising online. As its name suggests, instead of paying a commission to a real estate agent, you pay a set, fixed fee to a fixed fee agency.

One of the newest advancements to PropTech is the voice activated property search liket Google and Amazon, triggered by voice activated instructions could help you find your next home. New products like Amazon Echo Show Alexa, which is a screen-based device that works off voice activation and user data preferences, could show properties of your choice by voice command.

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