PropTech Research Center

We build together

Welcome Researchers

A Researcher’s most important discovery might be you!

Here in the PropTech Research Program, everyone can learn more about the types of data participants are providing and how approved researchers can use our data and tools to conduct studies that may speed up property technology breakthroughs.

We believe a diverse and broadly accessible data resource can help us build a digital future. The PropTech Research Program has partnered with institutions and organizations to build a research platform that respects participants and the needs of the research community.

We value researchers of all types as partners. To ensure that researchers have a voice in the direction and focus of the program, we have co-designed a research platform that facilitates a variety of property technology research initiatives.

Join our Research Team

We are open to considering candidates with any background, as long as they have the skills and motivation to do the job well. We are flexible regarding time availability and location. We would be happy to work with you and provide help with theory development, literature review, data analysis, and paper write up. Research Center focused on digital transformation of real estate industry. Especially we research business models, development of new services & products and humanizing of property technology for sustainable living.