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Swiss PropTech Influencers

Real Estate Investment
Property Management
Valuation Model
Big Data & Analytics
Smart Buildings & IoT
Virtual Reality & 3D

The assessment criteria

  • Personality and experience in real estate market
  • Excellent level of business standards and ethics
  • Demonstrated brand identity, vision and community involvement
  • Innovation in the type of development undertaken or the way it is undertaken
  • Quality of social media marketing
  • experience on the technology, digitization and the market
  • find a market gap and develop a business idea of it
  • Support of the Swiss PropTech Ecosystem

How the nominations process work

Nominations are open to all swiss real estate market player. All nominee applications are made on a confidential basis.

Nominations can only be submitted via the nomination forms.

Summary description must be submitted with each nomination (see summary field on nomination form) this must include specific and quantifiable information that will allow us to evaluate your nomination against others. Please summarise what is unique or special about this entry, and why you believe it should be considered for Top 10.

Do not nominate the same person multiple times, this will not increase your chances of being included on the short list. This is a nominations process, not a voting process. Please co-ordinate with your co-workers to submit one nomination. Everyone nominate any person once.

Guidelines for sending nominations

Please summarize, in no more than 200 words, what is unique or special about this entry, and why you believe it should be considered for Swiss PropTech Influencers. Supplementary material (photos, pdfs, etc.) can be sent directly to

The Winners will be announced on 15th Januar 2021

Deadline for registration 31st December 2020

Nomination Form for Influencers

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