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Build an ecosystem for new Business Models and Methods

The Development of Digital Platforms, products and processes

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The PropTech Switzerland is a research lab for innovation in the real estate industry that links innovation, technology and sustainability impact.  As unique innovation space for the real estate community, the research center primary objective is to create an intellectual community of multi-disciplinary researchers for developing professional work on innovation that impacts the development of the real estate industry.  Sustainable innovation for the real estate is linked to the development of digital platforms, products, and processes. Planning, design and development of business models are reshaping the real estate industry through innovative technologies. 

We Offer

A unique, interdisciplinary research platform linking technology with industry to meet the need for more informed decision-making and the implementation of best practices. A network of global outreach that links the real estate industry with the digital transformation and with PropTech Switzerland leading-edge research in science and technology. Envisioning the industry’s integrated stewardship of its land and products, the PropTech Switzerland provides tomorrow’s practitioners with the means to transform an ever more vital, global, and complex market.





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