The Applications of Internet of Things

Internet of Things a novel technology model as a large-scale network of machinery and devices able of interconnect by everyone other to collect and exchange information/data. Because of its characteristics IoT renowned as the most important sector for future technology, more importantly, it gaining measureless attention from a wide verity of industries. There is no need to say that contemporary hype around the Internet of Things was massive. It looks like every day a new company comes with a new kind of IoT enabled product or service. Whatever it may be the factual importance of IoT for Endeavour completely apprehend once the IoT related devices are capable to correspond with other associated devices moreover integrate into the company of customer support services, inventory systems, business intelligence and analytics. At present IoT illustrations extended from smart integrated homes to human wearable things to healthcare. Here, IoT becomes part of every aspect of our lives moreover IoT applications are not only enlarging the well-being of our daily lives and also giving us more control by simplifying everyday work life along with special responsibilities.

Smart Society

Globe can be transformed toward well-connected well-dressed society as a result of applying pioneering perceptions of Internet of Things. 

Traffic Management

Many researchers confirmed that there are possibilities of executions for the machine to machine solutions in traffic administration, it combines an IP Multimedia Subsystem.

Link Data for Society

There must be an extreme examine reserved on transmission and network features of IoT devices those employ for sensing, the dimension of existent world substances. There is some semantically linked architecture which performs connectivity of objects that perform interoperable description in the structure of associated data.

Urban Management

Urban management platform developed on behalf of understanding IoT base well-groomed cities connected through smart/small sensors and system sustains via data organization, cloud base incorporation that forms a transformational component of the presented cyber-physical scheme. There is work going on Smart platform that Google map assimilates with Go-IoT application for remotely monitor digital home.

Road Quality Monitoring

Road quality monitoring, alert message making can be processed through in-vehicle Smartphone linked with smart sensors toward IoT cloud platform. Here we embed a new energy expert mobile accelerometer inside Smartphone for continuous monitoring road condition.

Smart Cities

Inclusion of IoT systematically changes smartness of cities takes in numerous applications as monitor space for parking vehicles, monitoring and detecting vibrations in building and bridges, observing sound volume in sensitive areas, intelligently control street lights according to weather conditions, detection of waste and trash material levels and collection, indicating alert messages in the view of unconditional weather or traffic jams or accidents.


There are plenty of benefits afford as a result of IoT inclusion in healthcare management those are complete and correct electronic patient testimony maintenance, track and recognition of patient to progress work-flow of hospitals, identification, authentication of patients in order to reduce harmful incidents to individual patients, automatic data collection and transforming data to other hospitals which reduce the processing time and procedure auditing, sensors which takes healthcare to another level, where sensors embedded on patient body for real-time collective data on patient health conditions moreover alerting over patient behavior. Intelligent sensor nodes accurately monitor patient blood-pressure, heart-rate, cholesterol level temperature and blood-glucose levels, etc.

Retail and Logistics

Internet of Things with retail and logistics provide many advantages includes monitoring storage conditions of product and trace purposes, guides in shopping complex based on pre-arranged lists, payment processing in gyms and retail shops, automate product rotations in shelves, detection of freshness of product like time and data indications without particularly looking it, item location, storage incompatibility detection, making arrangements while products on transportation etc.

Security and Emergency

Introduction of IoT made tremendous changes in security and emergency applications some of them are perimeter access control to restrict people to enter into secure regions, liquid detection in laboratories and explosive gas levels, detecting radiation levels at nuclear stations surroundings, detection and create alert messages on leakage of gas, chemical, coal mines, and detecting breakdowns in vehicles.

Smart Agriculture and Smart Water Supply

Agriculture with IoT strengthens the work and productivity of agriculture filed thorough monitoring temperature, moisture and analysis quantity of vitamins of product. Examine weather conditions in fields to predict rain, snow and wind changes. IoT in water supply examines the condition of river and seawater whether it is usable for drinking purpose or agriculture usage. Detection of pressure variation in supplying pipes, water levels in reservoirs and rivers, dams.

Aviation and Aerospace

IoT assists to improve the security and safety measures of aerospace services through unfailing identifying forge elements. Aviation continuously suffers from suspected unapproved parts means the aircraft part that is no guarantee to meet with approved parts. This can be improved with the help of securely attached RFID tags, an authentication achieved prior to establish them in an aircraft.

Environmental Monitoring

Deployment of wireless sensor nodes as well as IoT devices in the certain environment was one of the best and talented applications in IoT. The sensor can monitor pollution levels send out alert messages, an indication of dangerous gas levels, forest fire detection, floods, and hurricane indications, etc.

Media and Entertainment

Based on user location ad hoc news gathered and transmit to the user, that is based on which multimedia device is present at that time. Moreover, complete video footage of incident forward to a particular user with help of deployed IoT technologies.


With the help of IoT and wireless sensor nodes continuously observe various industrial cities and environmental programs to take account of automobile emissions to inspect air condition, detecting eco-friendly materials, electrical material, etc.


IoT devices help to screen passengers and bags at airports, railways accurately. Screening Goods transported by international cargo where security demands take top priority. Container self-scan and weigh themselves turn to easy task with the inclusion of IoT devices on containers. Monitoring long distance traffic jams through Smartphone’s etc.


Embedding IoT devices with the machine can send alert messages regarding huge damages before it occurs, and that machine send under examine to fix the problem, by doing this companies product will not deny for a long period time. Moreover with an intelligent system structure and information schemes, fabrication processes optimized as well as whole lifecycle of a product starting from fabrication to disposition can be observed.


In transporting, storing processes security, safeties are extreme importance in pharmaceutical. Drug products need specific storage conditions, continuously monitored for detecting any violating conditions while transporting, adding smart labels, tracking them in the supply chain and observing their behavior with smart sensor will provide many benefits. The attached tags and smart stickers on the drugs can also provide instructions regarding safety usage instructions, dosage level, and expiry information of drug and authenticity of medication.


At present era advanced production of aircraft, cars, machines, buses, trains and bicycles equipped with intelligent sensor nodes and actuators with low power consumption technologies. These will monitor and report various parameters regarding automatic doors/windows locking system, breakdown systems, pressure in tires, refreshing air automatically. Vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications will drastically change and advances intellectual transportation system. While the attaching devices to particular part restrain information related to date and place of the product were introduced, name of the manufacturer, product code, serial number, location and type of product.

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Graphic: PropTech Switzerland