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We all this boom of matchmaking platform, more and more startups come up with the ideas of how to match a client with the house of his or her dreams.

Property Management describes technology-based platforms which facilitate the operation and management of real estate assets

Digitization of the real estate investment began with changing of mind. Crowdfunding, Crowdinvesting, Tokenization.

Virtual Reality has a huge potential for the real estate and construction sector.

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Swiss PropTech Map Edition November 2019

Wir sind nicht auf die Welt gekommen die Antworten zu finden, sondern die Fragen zu stellen. Nur die Wehmut oder Beharrlichkeit oder Dummheit! Am besten mit allen zusammen gelingt uns da ein Zeichen zu setzen. Hoffentlich setzen wir auch.


It’s your Voice! Do not hesitate to say anything what yo think. Do you want to launch new product, new solutions, new services or you just want to share, what you think about real estate market. Send us your audio record as link or mail to: and we share it with the world. Stage is yours

Katy Perry, Roar

Good Morning Switzerland

Good  morning PropTech World. Good morning my family. Good morning my kollegs. Good morning competitors. Say good morning and show the world who you are and what to do. Send us your 30 second video record as link or mail to: and we share it with the world. Stage is yours

Read the latest whitepaper of the Swiss PropTech Companies and know their business-model and solutions.

A whitepaper is an informational document, usually issued by companies, to promote or highlight the features of a solution, product, or service.

Why PropTech Switzerland ?

PropTech Switzerland present only the Swiss PropTech Companies, which fulfill the criteria of property technology in Switzerland.

The foreign PropTech Companies from Europe, America, Australia, Asia, Africa are presented by Word PropTech Maps. 

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