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Digitization serves as an innovation driver and accelerator of innovation in the real estate industry.

Research Lab

We rewrite the book on tomorrow’s real estate industry

Academic Research

Systematic investigation into a problem or situation, where the intention is to identify facts and/or opinions that will assist in solving the problem or dealing with the situation in real estate industry.

Education & Innovation

Education and innovation are deeply intertwined. The studies have demonstrated the importance of education and training for the innovative capacity. We approach and analyse the subject from different angles.

Trends Analysis

Real estate trend analysis is the process of collecting historical and currently real estate information in all sectors and attempting to spot a pattern, or trend, in the information. 

Investigation of Models

The main strategy of Research Center is to investigate the recent trends in new business model innovations and identify and discuss the most significant factors for their appearance and success.


The development of service and product in real estate industry very important for sustainable and smart living in urban. We research sectors, reasons, methods and solutions.

Why PropTech Switzerland

The history of PropTech is written here and you can be part of it. We wrote more than 1.500 pages about Property Technology, Digital Transformation of Real Estate Industry in two years. We research all business models and methods for digitization of sectors.

We built most visited successfully  PropTech Platform in Switzerland.

Impressions by Google: +40.000 monthly

Impressions by LinkedIn: +30.000 monthly

We redefined PropTech and created the Swissmade categories. A lot of countries took us as a model to create own platform.

We are the Authors of the first PropTech Book in Switzerland.

Current Projects

PropTech 2020

This book is intended for anyone interested in the innovation of real estate industry. It explores the impact of technology on Marketplace, Investment, Property Management, Construction, Smart Buildings & IoT, Virtual Reality, Big Data Analytics, Valuation Models and Real Estate FinTech.

PropTech Homepage Analysis 2020

The first detailed study of  PropTech homepages in Switzerland. The platforms analysed in 11 categories such as content, index, traffic, performance etc. with more than 40 parameters. It is useful to compare your platforms with evaluations. The digitization begins at home. 

PropTech Switzerland Directory 2021

PropTech Switzerland Directory is the first detailed overview of Swiss PropTech Ecosystem. It introduce Startups and companies with their business models in nine categories in Property Technology, which develop innovative solutions for currently and new problems. 

Coming Soon

Innovation Index

The PropTech Innovation Index contains interesting themes and statistics in real estate market. However national and international property technology experiences and currently methods are presented with statistics.

Coming Soon

Disruptive Models

Disruptive Business Models are new research area in real estate industry. Research Lab analyse business models and develop new solutions (such a valuation models) for property technology. From Idea to Development.

Coming Soon

Startup Guide

PropTech Startup Guide cover the most important building blocks of any startup in real estate industry: Founding, Core Lessons, Marketing, Building a Team, Communication Matters, Strategic Thinking, Using Property Technology and Exiting Your Business.

Coming Soon

PropTech Switzerland Map

PropTech Switzerland Map includes all companies and startups in real estate industry in Switzerland and is published monthly. They are presented in nine categories; Marketplace, Investment, Property Management, Construction, Smart Buildings & IoT, Virtual Reality & 3D, Big Data Analytics, Valuation Model and Real Estate FinTech.



PropTech Homepage Analysis 2020

What will happen in 2020

Dear Reader We did not foresee the Corona Virus, but we thought that there will be a lot of changes in real estate industry and also in world economic market in 2020. It should be useful for everyone to read, what we wrote 4-5 months ago. Text from the book PropTech 2020:What will happen in 2020?...

The Future of Real Estate: Big Data Analytics

The Future of Real Estate: Big Data Analytics COVID-Time showed us again, how big data analytics important for real estate industry. Unknown, unexplained, unsolved terms are more actual than ever. Why we need big data analytics? The buyers are looking for best house with cheapest price. The seller...

The Crowdfunding Ecosystem

The Crowdfunding Ecosystem Roles of Main Actors It is important to understand their roles based upon the reward-based Crowdfunding model to gain insight in how they interact. The difficulty of this is embedded in the relationships among funders and fundraisers which vary by context and the nature...

Green Building im Immobilien-Lebenszyklus

Green Building im Immobilien-Lebenszyklus Nachhaltigkeit wird auch in der Immobilienwirtschaft als ein Megatrend gesehen. Häufig wird der Begriff Green Building gebraucht, der streng genommen nur ökologische und soziale Aspekte und nicht die ökonomische Komponente von Nachhaltigkeit umfasst. Eine...

Applications of Internet of Things

The Applications of Internet of Things Internet of Things a novel technology model as a large-scale network of machinery and devices able of interconnect by everyone other to collect and exchange information/data. Because of its characteristics IoT renowned as the most important sector for future...

Advances in Multimedia Data

Advances in Multimedia Data In the data analytics world, data has been proliferated in different ways. Multimedia data is one of such data that has been recently generated in huge volumes in the Internet. It is being captured by various multimedia computing devices like computers, tablets, mobile...

Valiant Bank übernimmt Mehrheit an AgentSelly

Valiant Bank übernimmt Mehrheit an AgentSelly Sehr geehrte Kunden Sehr geehrte Partner Liebe Freunde Wir möchten heute über einen wichtigen Entwicklungsschritt in der noch jungen Geschichte des innovativen Start-ups informieren: Die Valiant Bank AG übernimmt die Aktienmehrheit der AgentSelly AG...

PropTech Switzerland Map January 2020

150 PropTech companies were registered at the end of the January 2020. The most companies are active in Property Management, Construction and Marketplace sectors. The top destination of the companies are canton Zürich, Vaud and Geneva. The newcomer on Map are; Garaio Rem, Aroov, Creal, Atome,...

25 year Spin-off and PropTech companies

The Spin-off companies from ETH, EPFL and HSG in Switzerland, which active and operate in PropTech Industry 1995 - 2019 As you know ETH celebrated 25th year of Spin-off at the end of 2019. We have researched the Spin-offs from all universities in Switzerland, which is active in PropTech Industry....

Big Data

What is Big Data? Big data is increasingly used across multiple industries to better understand customers, competitors, trends, and more. Big Data Analytics is the use of a large collection of data gathered and collected from inside and outside the company. Making use of such datasets is generally...

Ignoranz als Innovationskiller

Ignoranz als Innovationskiller Ignoranz ist gefährlichste Waffe für Selbstmord! Die Definition der Ignoranz ist gemäß der Wikipedia; «Ignoranz, Unwissenheit (auch Unwissen oder Unkenntnis) oder Missachtung zeichnet sich dadurch aus, dass eine Person etwas nicht kennt, nicht wissen will oder nicht...

Why Alphabet as a book cover

PropTech 2020 Book Why Alphabet as a cover? As you know the digitization came to in real estate industry very late. Actually we are living PropTech booms since 2003. Nowadays there are more than 150 Startups in Switzerland and about 3.500 Startups all around the Europe. As PropTech Switzerland...


We are pleased to present the 1st edition of the Swiss PropTech Book: PropTech 2020. The special theme for this edition is PropTech Business Ideas and Distributed Ledger Technology - The Future of Real Estate Innovation in Switzerland. Over the last twenty years after the common use of Internet,...

PropTech Switzerland Innovation Index

PropTech Switzerland Innovation Index Q1 2020 We are going to publish quarterly innovation index for PropTech industry (English and German) every year. The Index contains interesting themes and statistics in real estate market. However national and international property technology experiences are...

Wer ist PropTech Switzerland

Stellungnahme wegen vielen Anfragen Wer ist PropTech Switzerland Wer sind Sie? Wir sind drei Personen und kommen aus Immobilien, Marketing und Rechtswissenschaft Branchen. Wir (Deniz, Tayland und Katarina) arbeiten bei PropTech Switzerland ehrenamtlich. Katharina ist Juristin und Beraterin,...

PropTech Switzerland Map Christmas Edition 2019

Swiss PropTech Map Christmas Edition 2019 Dear Swiss PropTech Players You were innovative and creative this year. You worked hard and non-stop. We are very proud of you. Our ecosystem is still growing and more than 10 new players joined too. PropTech Switzerland tried to support each...

PropTech Switzerland Map December 2019

Swiss PropTech Map  has 9 categories and 144 companies. Update 30.11.2019 Real Estate FinTech is a part of the PropTech Sector and will be presented as a new category. We should have to add it, because FinTech solutions like a mortgage, loans are a important part of the life cycle of building....

The Bidding Process in Real Estate Market

The bidding process in real estate market The modern method of auction is proving to revolutionize the way properties are bought and sold all around the world. By putting the process in the online platform, buying and selling properties becomes accessible, quick and easy. United States, Australia...

Blockchain and Real Estate

BLOCKCHAIN While still in its infancy, blockchain is currently having its golden moment. Out of all the emerging technologies, blockchain holds the most power to transform the real estate industry, by revolutionizing the way in which transactions are made. Blockchain is a shared, distributed, and...

Our Members

Smart Home SA

Smarthome ECOsystem insuffle au logement contemporain une gestion intelligente et responsable

En alliant confort d’utilisation et gestion durable de l’énergie, Smarthome ECOsystem s’impose comme la solution incontournable pour des foyers connectés.

Jadis synonyme de logements luxueux et d’installations complexes, la domotique est en pleine mutation.

Grâce à l’essor des objets connectés, aux progrès techniques et aux innovations dans le domaine de l’expérience utilisateur, elle entame un virage vers le grand public et s’impose comme un incontournable des habitats de demain.

E-NNO Switzerland SA

Optimisation – Development – Data – Consulting Tech

BMT Business meets Technology AG

Woonig – The digital property manager

The language barrier-free communication platform for all participants!

Woonig is a digital cloud platform for the property manager that perfects the communication between property manager, tenant and craftsman/service provider.


Professionelle Immobilienverwaltung mit einer neuen Software Generation

In optimaler Verbindung von Innovation, Technologie und fachlicher Expertise entwickelt die GARAIO REM AG durchdachte Business Software. Als führender Technologiepartner der Immobilienverwaltungen in der Schweiz steht für uns ein Ziel im Vordergrund: der Einsatz digitaler Lösungen soll unsere Kunden messbar erfolgreicher machen.

readydata AG

readydata bietet den ganzheitlichsten Service im Bereich der strukturierten Zustands- und Immobiliendatenerfassung.

  • Eine akkurate Renditeermittlung
  • Eine umfangreiche Portfolioauswertung
  • Eine genau Immobilienbewertung
  • Ein geführter Wohnungsübergabe- und Abnahmeprozess
  • Ein innovatives Schadenmanagement
  • Ein schlankes Mängelmanagement
  • Vollumfängliche strukturierte Bauabnahmen

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Do you know, how many peoples believe and work for Tech-based innovative solutions in real estate industry? We researched for you. There are thousands peoples all around the Switzerland, who works daily for property technology. So many peoples cannot be wrong. If they believe and prove that the property technology can develop and change the real estate industry, you can believe too.

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